June 25, 2020 Off By PL

ECOMEDPORT promotes the adoption of an innovative and sustainable technological solution, under demonstration in two running EU projects that is part of the Union for the Mediterranean) labelled MedCoast4BG (framework project downstream to the Bologna Charter initiative implementation,which is able to realize a more efficient and less impacting management of sediments, with the final results of

  1. ensuring a safe navigability and
  2. contrasting beach erosion.

In particular, ECOMEDPORT aims to disseminate this technology in the Mediterranean .

To this aim ECOMEDPORT foresees the organization of a WEBINAR on Monday 6 July at 11:30 (CET).

The Agenda.

A synergy will be developed further between the BlueMed initiative ECOMEDPORT and the ongoing project Co-Evolve4BG funded through ENI CBC Med Programme and other initiatives…