The European Projects: the meeting-place for the Public Administrations

European projects provided the scope for international training for many of BEACHMED's associates. This heritage not only of research and analysis of issues of interest but also of interpersonal and inter-administrations relationship represents the best “culture ground" where to consolidate and grow a European and Mediterranean policy.
This column briefly describes and links the main European projects shared over the last 20 years by many of the associates as well as the ongoing Projects  launched on the issues of interest.
If you have any additions/corrections that you may consider necessary with respect to the following list of projects, please report these comments in the Contacts section.

Ended Projects

Ongoing Projects

"Strategic management of Beach protection measures for the sustainable development of Mediterranean coastal areas". The Regional Framework Operation BEACHMED-e successfully accomplished its technical activities on June 2008. 9 Subprojects have been dealt with, with the participation of ......
A considerable amount of the European Union’s coast is currently eroding despite the development of a wide range of measures to protect shorelines from eroding and flooding....
The EU-FP6 CONSCIENCE project was launched in 2007 with a view to enhancing the implementation of a scientifically based sustainable coastal erosion management in Europe.
CO-EVOLVE (Interreg MED 2017-2019) encourages the emergence of policies and initiatives to promote the development of sustainable and responsible coastal and maritime tourism by.....
MAREMED (2010-2013) project worked on those constituents of maritime policy with a strong transnational dimension, namely Integrated Coastal Zone Management, pollution, adaptation to climate change in coastal areas, fisheries, and coastal and maritime data management.
COMMON STRATEGIES TO REDUCE THE RISK OF STORM FLOODS IN COASTAL LOWLANDS COMRISK is a common project (2002-2005) of North Sea Region coastal defense authorities.
Change We Care
CHANGE WE CARE (2019-2021 Interreg Italy-Croatia) fosters concerted and coordinated climate adaptation actions at the transboundary level. The project explores climate risks.......
Nearshore hazard monitoring and Early Warning System (Programme 2014 - 2020 INTERREG V-A Italy - Malta) NEWS develops an integrated system, which includes monitoring, early warning, and mitigation of the coastal risks, specifically aiming at advising the population about the risk of flooding, littoral sand erosions, cliff failures and at activating protection measures in order to avoid damages to persons. .......
Co-Evolve4BG project (2019-2021 ENI CBC-MED Programme) aims at analyzing and promoting the co-evolution of human activities and natural eco-systems in touristic coastal areas, .....
MAREGOT is a project aimed at preventing and jointly managing the risks of coastal erosion in the cooperation area. The strategic project aims to initiate a shared planning action that, thanks to a better knowledge of the erosive phenomena and dynamics of the coast, identifies optimal intervention solutions for the management of the territory in relation to the morphological and hydrodynamic characteristics of the coast .......