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How the Association was born

In 2001 a project named BEACHMED was launched within the INTERREG IIIB – MEDOCC European program, reserved to the western Mediterranean coastal countries. The purpose of this project was to define technical, environmental and economic issues of the emerging technologies (at least for the Mediterranean regions) concerning the exploitation of marine deposits of sand for the reconstruction and the conservation of coasts struck by erosion or any other regression phenomena, enhancing their resilience. The initial community of participants found in that circumstance, a lot of synergies and shared many common challenges concerning the management of the littorals, becoming aware of the primary need to integrate the coastal zones protection with the sustainable development of the hinterland and territorial sea zones. After leading together After leading more than a dozen European projects together, there was a need to capitalize on all these years of experience.

The following are the draft documents prepared for the establishment of the Association.


The role of the Association

The Third Sector is an increasingly important player in the pursuit of socially relevant objectives such as environmental protection. The Association is a subject available to public administrations but also to the private sector to promote, on a voluntary basis, the development of sustainable and integrated policies of the Mediterranean coastal areas.

About us

The BEACHMED Association (currently being established) is an NPO made up of a community of technicians who have been working together for 20 years, made up of managers from different Mediterranean coastal administrations, researchers, professionals, entrepreneurs and business managers, coastal operators and citizens committed to coastal protection with the common goal of bridging the gap between coastal management, scientific research, and blue growth

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