Community animation using all available tools (website, online meetings, forums, contacts, seminars, etc.) to create and maintain relationships between associations, public administrations, networks and international organizations, coastal operators and any interested stakeholder group.

Participation and cluster creation within the integrated coastal areas management by linking initiatives, including European and international projects.

Organization of events and participation in meetings, workshops, seminars, conferences, masters, training courses, printable, etc..; management of specific web space to promote initiatives that meet BEACHMED's main objectives.

Organisation of masters and training courses, collaboration for Guide Lines preparation. 

Participation in European/international calls for projects in line with the Association's objectives, with assistance to Public Administrations and other stakeholders. Recording of old European Projects and/or their most relevant publications. Archive of some completed European projects and/or their most important publications.

Free consultations and specific assistance to third-party public bodies to enhance the objectives of the Bologna Charter and launch new initiatives; advice for BEACHMED associates (businesses, associations, associated public administrations, private companies, individual partners, etc.) and third parties when necessary also through agreements with research centers, institutes and university and non-university laboratories, with EU bodies, etc., to obtain grants, funding, research contracts, as well as the use of equipment and venues.;

Interventions on the territory inspired by the “impact investing" through the involvement of local stakeholders, favoring public-private participation.