Latium’s Regional Sustainable Development Strategy (SRSvS)

September 18, 2020 Off By PL
Latium’s Regional Sustainable Development Strategy (SRSvS)

In the context of the major challenges launched by agenda 2030 – for the conservation of the environment, human/relational capital, Economic, cultural and social – Latium’s Regional Sustainable Development Strategy (SRSvS)  aims to identify the main tools to help the achievement of  the main objectives of the National Strategy for Sustainable Development (SNSvS) as well as the goals and targets contained in the Resolution “Agenda 2030 on Sustainable Development” adopted in 2015 by the UN General Assembly.

The Lazio Region in order to define the Strategy for Regional Sustainable Development (SRSvS) aims to get the collaboration of all civil society representatives interested in sustainability issues (citizens, businesses, local authorities, schools, research and associations, etc.) Through:

  1. Forum  to address far-reaching issues relating to sustainable development in its broadest sense. Every citizen, business, local authority, researcher will be able to actively contribute and will be able to report proposals, projects and best practices, responding to the  questionnaire
  2. Focusgroups, aimed at stakeholders, to gather proposals, ideas, opinions and suggestions targeted for the definition of SRSvS
  3. Webinars, intended for specific targets (schools, businesses, local authorities), to increase the wealth of knowledge and expertise in sustainability
  4. Other participation activities that will be defined ad hoc