Webminar: Sediment management towards @COP27

November 16, 2022 Off By PL
Webminar: Sediment management towards @COP27

The association Beachmed aps is among the 35 endorser of the COP26 Sediment Management Pledge (https://sednet.org/climate-change-and-sediment-sediment-management-pledge)

In order to renew the interest of the association in this important initiative, and in view of the COP27 in Egypt, we propose a free webminar on the page of the association on the day

25-November-2022 3.00 pm (CET TIME) on the virtual meeting room

The Webminar will be a momentum for all those interested in the theme of sustainable sediment management, offering hints thought given by experiences in the different countries of the Mediterranean

Click below to download the program of the event

To connect to the virtual meeting room click here the day of the event