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Stelios Zervos
MSc in Civil Engineering at the University of Cyprus, MSc in Management and Protection of the Environment in the Open University of Cyprus, Master in Public Sector Management in Cyprus International Institute of Management and BEng in Civil Engineering in Salford University (UK). Since 1992 civil servant in the Public Works Department (PWD) of the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Works as Senior Executive Engineer and Head of the Coastal Section (PWD). Member and/or coordinator of the study team in all studies carried out by PWD regarding coastal erosion problems and protection measures. Project Engineer for almost all the PWD projects dealing with coastal erosion and fishing shelters since 2001. Member and/or leader/coordinator of the Cyprus team in several EU funded projects regarding coastal erosion and coastal management. Appointed by the Council of Ministers as a member of the national committee dealing with ICZM, MSP, Marinas and other marine issues. Appointed by the Minister of Transport, Communication and Works as Coordinator Engineer regarding subsea pipeline licensing within the Exclusive Economic Zone and Shelf zone.