Enzo Pranzini Page

Former Full professor of Physical geography and Geomorphology, is now teaching Coastal dynamics and Shore protection at the University of Florence. He has coordinated  60 applied research projects entrusted by local authorities to the University of Florence, as well as 14 national and 10 international projects; he also had approx. 60 consultancy positions for research or project activities in the field of coastal management and protection. Author of ca. 300 scientific papers, most of which on peer-reviewed journals or books, he also published 14 books, including La forma delle coste (Zanichelli) and Coastal erosion and protection in Europe (Routledge). Evaluator of projects and academic activity on behalf several international institutes, he has been scientific coordinator of the Master in Integrated Marine Coastal Zone Management (Italy, China, Korea). He has carried out teaching, research and consultancy in several foreign countries (Australia, China, Colombia, Korea, Croatia, Cuba, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, India, Morocco, Mexico, Montenegro, Dominican Republic, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey). Scientific director of the Rivista Italiana di Telerilvamento (1995-2007)  and of Studi costieri (1999- today). President of the National Group for the Research on Coastal Environmental (2010-2018), is now honorary Member.