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Sustainability of coastal areas as a capacity to manage  the resilience of the coastal zones with social  enjoyment and harmonious economic development.

Adaptation of littorals to erosive phenomena and the effects of climate change through Mediterranean policies consistent in the medium and long term.

Community animation using all available tools (website, online meetings, forums, contacts, seminars, etc.) to create and maintain relationships between associations, European project partnerships, public administrations, networks and international organizations, coastal operators and any interested stakeholder group.

Participation to  European/international calls for projects in line with the Association's objectives, with assistance to Public Administrations and other stakeholders.

Organization of events and participation in meetings, workshops, seminars, conferences, masters, training courses, printable, etc..; management of specific web space to promote initiatives that meet BEACHMED's main objectives.

Free consulting and specific assistance for third-party public bodies to enhance and pursue the objectives of the Bologna Charter and start new initiatives; territorial actions inspired by the “investing impact”.

The BEACHMED Association refers to the contents of the Bologna Charter as fundamental elements of its action.

From the collaboration of several coastal administrations in European projects,  came one of the main results in terms of the  Mediterranean-scale agreement: the Bologna Charter. Signed in 2007 during the Beachmed-e project, relaunched in 2012 during the Maremed project, it is currently participated by 29 Mediterranean Basin Administrations and the Intermediterranean Commission  of the CRPM (Confernece of Peripheral Maritime Regions).Its programming tool is the Joint Plan of Action, launched in 2015 during the COASTGAP project and renewed in 2019 during the CO-EVOLVE project. The Association aims to pursue the objectives of the Bologna Charter and to disseminate its contents (

About us...

How the Association was born

In 2001 a project named BEACHMED was launched within the INTERREG IIIB – MEDOCC European program, reserved to the western Mediterranean coastal countries. The purpose of this project was to define technical, environmental and economic issues of the emerging technologies (at least for the Mediterranean regions) concerning the exploitation of marine deposits of sand for the reconstruction and the conservation of coasts struck by erosion or any other regression phenomena, enhancing their resilience.

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